Millenium Settlement Consulting

How the Process Works

The Millennium approach is unique and reflects our extensive experience in the field. After making the determination that the case is best suited for a structure, the interested attorney may simply pick up the telephone and call my office. I will provide an initial evaluation of the case including preliminary quotes outlining the potential stream of income the client can expect to see if they choose to structure.

As a member of your legal team, I can attend mediation and settlement conferences at no expense to you or your clients. By providing knowledgable and accurate case analysis, and with early involvement, I can develop an atmosphere of trust with all parties involved.

Once the defendant agrees with the claimant on a stream of periodic payments designed in the best interest of the claimant, the defendant assigns its obligation for payment to a life insurance company. The life insurance company then funds the claimant’s payments through the purchase of an annuity policy which offers attractive pricing and flexibility. The Structure may also be funded through the purchase of government securities.

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