Millenium Settlement Consulting

Ideal Cases to Structure

Structures can be tailored in many different styles but are ideally suited for the following situations:

  • Where the Claimant requires continuing future medical expenses.
  • When the Claimant is temporarily or permanently disabled.
  • For the Claimant or his/her dependents require replacement for lost future income.
  • Where the Claimant requires a secure lifetime tax-free income.
  • For Claimants who are generally uncomfortable with managing money.
  • For those Claimants who have not yet attained the age of majority.
    (A Structured Settlement in a minor’s case will alleviate the requirement to establish a guardianship account.)
  • For Claimants involved in workers’ compensation disability and fatality claims.
  • For those Claimants who are severely injured or mentally incompetent.
  • For wrongful death cases when the surviving spouse and/or children require monthly/annual income.
  • Where the Claimant requires an OBRA complying Special Needs Trust or a Medicare Set-Aside Trust.
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