Millenium Settlement Consulting

The Claimant

Benefits to the Claimant

Structured Settlements offer the most benefit to the claimant in personal physical injury, wrongful death or workers’ compensation cases. The benefits include:

  • Tax Free: The Internal Revenue Code provides for periodic payments in personal physical injury and workers’ compensation cases to be tax-free to the plaintiff.
  • Security: Statistics demonstrate that only thirty percent of all persons who receive lump sum awards from personal physical injury settlements have managed to conserve even part of their awards for three years, and that only ten percent have anything remaining after five years. Utilizing a Structured Settlement will help avert this all too common scenario.
  • Equity: Claimants receive a much larger amount of money than would be obtained from a cash settlement.
  • No Cost: All funds placed into the structure will be managed and overseen by Millennium at no cost to the claimant.
  • Protection: Outside influences are an unfortunate derivative of large monetary settlement. Placing the settlement proceeds in a structure protects the claimant from outside influence brokers and individuals who target lump sum cash settlements.
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