Millenium Settlement Consulting

The Claimant’s Attorney

Benefits to the Claimant’s Attorney

  • Expert Serving On Your Legal Team: Utilizing Millennium’s services gives you access to financial specialists who will assist you and your client throughout the life of the case. And at no cost to you or your client!
  • Client Protection: Offering a structure to the claimant insulates the claimant attorney from potential legal malpractice cases. Again, statistics show that almost 90% of those individuals receiving lump sum awards from personal physical injury settlements have completely exhausted their proceeds after five years.
  • Avoiding Pitfalls: Attorneys who fail to utilize the services of a structured settlement specialist face uncertainty when he/she:
    • Accepts the structure and the annuity issuer fails.
    • Fails to execute properly the settlement documents properly by not fulfilling all the rights defined in 104 (a)(2) and Section 130 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    • Accepts the structure as written in its present value.
    • Fails to fulfill his/her due diligence obligation to the client.
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